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CRST Malone Lease Purchase



CRST Malone Lease Purchase

What is a "Turn-Key Lease to Purchase Program??

Truck Drivers with credit issues and/or who cannot afford a large down payment to buy a truck from a Dealer can elect a lease to purchase program as a way to truck ownership.

You can learn the business side of trucking with the security of working directly for a Carrier who has freight for you to move and handles most of the administrative issues including calculating and paying your fuel taxes, truck plates and permits, truck insurances, work comp, and payroll. The Carrier provides the Cargo and Liability insurance for you and keeps a percentage of the gross revenue from the Shipper to cover their overhead and make a profit. With Malone, you get 75% of 100% the all the gross revenue, and 100% of all surcharges on each load of flatbed freight.

CRST Malone's $0 Down Lease Purchase program is among the most successful in the country, supported by consistent freight and a team that knows how to profitably get a new Contractor off the ground and running. If you're looking to become an independent business owner in the trucking industry, Malone offers the best way to start.

If you make all the tractor payments and pay the balloon, you are still paying only a reasonable retail price for the tractor.


According to the Director of Operations, the Lease Purchase program is tough, but if a guy really wants to own a truck he can do it, as long as he knows that if he works hard the average take home is  $1,100 a week fleet-avg at the beginning of the lease and higher (NET) as deductions drop off.

NOTE: this EXAMPLE is based on the learning curve for getting used to the CRST Malone system. Your mileage/revenue will increase weekly as you get acquainted with the program and the system and your equipment.

See Hiring REQUIREMENTS below before you call

Call 1-800-837-1320 M-F for an Application

"Getting started, he can’t sit at home on the weekends and he has to take freight in good areas, with good rates and stay out a couple of weeks at a time to begin with."

2010-2014 Freightliner Columbias, Cascadias, and Volvos
CAB Conventional, Condo 70”
DIMENSION 228” Wheelbase
ENGINE Series 60 Detroit
TRANSMISSION over drive 10 speed FRO-15210C (not super 10)
REAR AXLE Gear Ratio: 3.58
WHEELS Steel Hub Pilot
Engine RPM 1450 at 65 mph
TIRE SIZE 295/80R 22.5
AVG MILES 500-600,000
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Lease Purchase Deductions Estimates
Truck Payment $325 weekly
Bobtail Insurance $30.00/mo
License & Permits $75.00/wk
Physical Damage Insurance $35.00/wk
Securement Equipment $75.00/wk
Trailer Rent $185.00/wk
Escrow (Bond) $25.00/wk
2290 $10.85/wk
Maintenance Expense Approx. $240.00/wk
Occ. Acc/Work Comp $45.50/wk
Fuel for a 2800 mile week $1,200 +/-

At CRST Malone, we've built a company around the needs of Owner Operators of all shapes and sizes. That includes Contractors just starting out.

As part of CRST Malone's Independent Contractor team, you'll also be surrounded by the best and brightest business people each and every day, all of whom started with a single truck. This network has helped many of our Lease Purchase drivers to quickly learn the business end of driving and build a profitable career.

CRST Malone Lease Purchase

What do you pay?  We pay 75% of gross revenue with or without CRST Malone’s trailer. 100% fuel surcharge is paid to the truck. Our Owner/Operators’ fleet average gross revenue is $1.89 per mile. Midwest based operators average well over 2.00/mile). You get 75% of the gross revenue plus 100% of the fuel surcharge. Current fuel surcharge to your truck is 36 cpm fleet average. PLUS fuel discounts using Malone's fuel card.

What is your average deadhead?  Our average is 12-15%

When do I get paid? We pay twice weekly - Wednesday and Friday by noon through ComData. Have your bills in 2 full working days before payday to get paid on time. CRST Malone uses the Pegasus scanning system, available at truck stops across the nation, at a cost of $0.35 per page. Pegasus provides immediate receipt of scanned documents into CRST Malone’s Settlement department. Other pay options available are: Direct Deposit through ComData, Standard Check and Terminal Pay (in some locations).

No hold back of your pay when you complete orientation.

How long is orientation? 4 days including Securement Training . CRST Malone Lease Purchase does not typically receive orientation pay, but there is often a $ign-On Bunus at certain times of the year. Malone has multiple orientation sites for Owner Operators, and Lease Purchase drivers.

Malone pays your transportation to orientation, motel, and some meals for you.

Orientation is held on Sundays in Birmingham AL, Mondays in Rockport IN and Oklahoma City OK. Class Starts @ 7am Sharp.

What are your hiring requirements? (NO FLATBED EXPERIENCE REQUIRED) Must have a minimum of six months OTR in the past three years in equipment similar to the type you will operate at CRST Malone. No more than three moving violations over the past three years. No DUI or DWI convictions within the past five years. No felony convictions within the past 7-10 years. DUIs, DWIs and felonies have a lifetime limit of one. No rear-end accidents or talking on a cell in CMV w/i past 3 years.  NO ROLLOVERS ever. Minimum age requirement: 25 years old or 23 years old with 2 years of verifiable OTR experience.

No positive drug tests, convictions, or refusals - EVER.

NOTE: When you move from being a Company Driver to an Owner Operator you change IRS status from an Employee to an Independent Contractor.
Please take time to learn the difference Click Here

Among other things this means that many of the items that were paid for by the Carrier can no longer be paid for by the Carrier and are now your responsibility such as health benefits, fuel tax, heavy use tax on your truck (IRS form 2290) which is $550 per year, Work Comp or Occupational Accident Insurance, truck insurance: physical damage and bobtail, and a few other items. Most Carriers do pay these items up front and deduct them from your weekly Settlements.


IF YOU MEET THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS call during business hours for answers to any additional questions, equipment availability and to APPLY Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 EASTERN TIME call 1-800-837-1320

CRST Malone Lease Purchase

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