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 Free Advice To all Truckers & Owner Operators:

You might wonder why I'm writing something so simple as this Advice? I've have been recruiting drivers and Owner Operators since 1995 and most drivers simply do not seem to understand the hiring process. We submit the following information to you as an aid to making your job transition a smoother one. Please NOTE: All this information applies EQUALLY to Company Drivers, Lease Purchasers, & Owner Operators since each has to be approved by an Insurance company.

NOTE: there is NO difference in getting a moving violation in your POV than in a Carrier's vehicle or your own tractor. You CDL is your license; period.

Abandonments:  whatever you do, no matter how mad and aggravated that you get with the Dispatcher, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRUCK ANYWHERE except the Home Terminal! (or other company-designated authorized vehicle return site).

We know that they treated you unfairly, jerked you around and probably lied to you, BUT, do not hurt your self and your future by making them come and get the truck.

Many drivers tell us that they left it at a truck stop and that the Company told them it was ok. It was, but, guess what, if they have to send a driver to get that truck, it is almost always, 99.8% of the time going to show up as an Abandonment on your record.

Bite the bullet and take it back. Period. End of discussion. You'll be glad you did in the long run.

Changing jobs frequently:
  the grass is rarely ever greener on the other side of the pasture!  Most Trucking Companies today will not hire an applicant with more than 7 to 8 jobs in the past 3 years. Click here for detail on the high cost to you of changing jobs frequently.

Gaps in employment:  since September 11th, it's more important than ever that you document all gaps of unemployment between jobs, driving or other. If you have left one job and started another more than 30 days apart, you will be required to account for that period of time. Large periods of Self employment need to be documented, usually by tax returns. A good Recruiter will work with you in these areas and help you put all this together.

DAC Report:
 We are surprised at how many drivers are not even aware of DAC. Many others have been denied employment/placement as a driver or Owner Operator due to background issues the potential Truck Company discovered on the driver's DAC Report. If you have been recently denied employment/placement as a diver or Owner Operator you are entitled to a free DAC report just like you would be if you were denied credit - you'd be entitled to a free credit report. Take advantage of it: Call DAC Customer Service (Sunday 5pm PST to Friday 9pm PST) Tel: (866) 521-6995 (inside the US and Canada) and request your copy.

Or visit
 HireRight  If you discover false or erroneous information on your DAC, you are entitled to a rebuttal. DAC Services will instruct you on how to rebut false or misleading information. Keep your DAC Report in a file somewhere, preferably in a briefcase together with any Accident Reports, recent MVRs, your work history, recent DOT Physical exam, and copies of any recent employment applications you have filled out, (which gives you a recent record of all your work history)
. See note at bottom for more detail*

Accidents:  Most companies (now) will not hire a driver or O/O with a preventable within the past year. The Insurance Companies pretty well dictate any more what a Trucking Company can and cannot do. Companies strive to keep their driver statistics clean so that they can obtain better rates from the Insurers. So, be careful out there!

Accident Reports:  if you have been involved in any kind of an accident in the past 3 years, request a copy of the Accident Report and submit it with each application for placement/employment with any Trucking Company BEFORE they ask you for it. This will speed up the processing and give them the documentation that could otherwise even disqualify you if it is not readily available. God forbid that you are involved in future accidents, but, if you are able, begin at the scene to request a copy of the Accident Report. Here another situation where you sometimes cannot get hired with copies of all accident reports for any accident s during the past 3 years.

Failed or refused alcohol or drug tests:  if you have failed or refused a drug or alcohol test in the past 5 years we cannot help you with any of the Companies that we represent.  There are a few companies that may consider you at 3 years, but we do not know who they are - keep calling!  NOTE: if you have failed a drug test some Carriers will look at you again sooner if you complete a rehabilitation program and have documentation. Public intoxication is also a 5 year wait with all the Companies that we recruit for. If you have received a DUI/DWI or failed or refused while operating a commercial vehicle, in most cases, it is never apply!

Work history:  When filling out an application for any Trucking Company, your work history is very important to have in order. Every time you apply for a Trucking job you will always be asked to list your work history with accurate dates of employment and telephone numbers - that's your part!  Once you submit a clean application with all your history and information laid out and complete, put a copy of that in your briefcase with your DAC Report, any Accident Reports, current DOT Physical, and all other pertinent documents that pertain to your driving history so that everything is ready for your quick future reference.

Drug Test results:  no need submitting a recent drug test result with your application for placement as a driver. All Companies will drug test you the first day of Orientation regardless if you were tested the day before. This is called "due diligence." All previous tests are considered obsolete. 

-Speeding tickets above 15 mph:  are considered careless or reckless by many Insurance Companies that insure your potential new employer, and you may be turned down because you affect their insurance rates and their overall DOT Safety rating. I do have a couple of choices for you, but you are going to be limited until that baby gets into her threesies!  (3+ years old). Or, you can attend Traffic School ONLINE and maybe get your record cleaned enough to get hired: Click Here for more details.

Preventable accidents:  No major preventable accidents in the past 12 months.

Rollovers:  Typically needs to be at least two years old with most every other part of the application "clean."

New CDL Rules  Please take the time to review this important Information that is now Law.

Take the time to visit our Tutorial before purchasing a tractor It's free:  Why Do New truck owners FAIL? Click Here

Our job is to help you qualify, give you the information that you need, and to work with you to get you processed and approved as soon as possible.

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* NOTE: DAC Services has, over the last few years, undergone changes in both ownership and name. DAC Services was acquired, some time back, by USIS (US Investigations Services). USIS then spun it off to its current home at HireRight. Both USIS and HireRight are subsidiaries of Altegrity which was formed in July 2009 as a holding company for USIS, HireRight, and Explore. Although DAC Services is now known as DAC Trucking Solutions, and operated by HireRight, DAC, still, is a Consumer Reporting Agency located in Tulsa, OK that supplies reports about prospective drivers to it's subscribers.

According to the old DAC / USIS web site they "...continually assess industry needs and ensure that (their) product and service offerings meet compliance requirements and address issues such as negligent hiring, cargo theft and personnel security."

Visit the new DAC HireRight website Click Here