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Welcome to our Truckers Voice in Court and Our US Legal Services for Truckers website, where you get access to Superior CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys, Anywhere in US and Canada while securing your financial future!

When you want Peace Of Mind with better CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys and Security for Traveling the roads, let our Consultants assist you.  We help Motorists and CDL Commercial Drivers to Dramatically improve their Security and Drivers License Liabilities above and Beyond any truckers commercial driver Pre-Paid Legal Aid Program or Company out there. 

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Our CDL Commercial Prepaid Legal Protection Plans Not only help you Beat CDL Traffic Tickets and Serious Violations, but we also help keep points off your CDL to keep the Rising Costs of Personal Auto or CDL Insurances to a minimum.    

We help you save your driving career by helping you maintain a clean driving record and Protect CDL commercial driver licenses from getting black balled, wrongfully, from the DAC Report.  We are a truckers best CDL traffic ticket attorney defense for fighting speeding traffic tickets and CDL violations in any state. 

The sooner you seek professional help to exercise your right to earn a living; the more money you will save and the greater the chances to get the charges dropped or reduced.  Contact us today for a free consultation or ticket evaluation.   

Nobody Plans to get a Traffic Ticket or a Serious Violation much less have an Emergency out on the Road, like an Accident or Breakdown.  We all know Murphey's Law; Things happen when you least expect it.  What will you do if you were to get a bogus Traffic Ticket or get into a serious Accident while driving your personal vehicle or commercial vehicle?  Do you know of a good CDL Traffic Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney that can go to trial and help you keep the points off your record to maintain a clean MVR?  

What if you get a traffic ticket or a serious violation while you are far away from home?  Do you have the time and money to go to court?  Do you know of a good Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys in every city and state you drive in?  What if you were at the wrong place at the wrong time and just got a traffic ticket you didn't deserve?  If you're like most drivers you'll just pay the ticket without thinking about the consequences and forget about your Rights and options.  Many drivers choose to not hire a good CDL traffic ticket defense attorney to Fight their CDL Traffic Tickets thinking they will save the money. 

Did you know that paying a CDL Traffic Ticket can cost an individual thousands of dollars more in the long run?  Paying a CDL traffic ticket or violation can cost an individual an average of $1,200 to $5,000 in the next 3 years.  What if your CDL drivers license got suspended for 2 to 6 months?  How much money would you lose?  What if you're a Professional Driver with a CDL and your livelihood depends on your Drivers License? 

Have you thought about what would happen if you were ever involved in a Serious Accident where people got seriously injured or Killed?  The legal system is not always about justice.  It can make a criminal out of an innocent driver just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you are a Truck driver, law enforcement and DOT will nit pick the truck and logbook and go over it with a fine tooth comb until they find something wrong.  You see it on the news frequently.  No matter how obvious it appears that the other driver is at fault, the CDL driver can face Vehicular manslaughter charges due to a technicality.  There goes the million dollar insurance policy out the window. 

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If you´re a company driver, which side do you think the company will defend the CDL driver or keep the insurance carrier on the fleet of trucks?  It´s a business decision.  If you were the owner of the company, would you risk the livelihood of your family and of all the other drivers working for the company for the sake of saving one driver?  So guess who gets to defend himself?  You´ve guessed it!  Whose got an extra $20,000 to $30,000 or more lying around to pay for a serious representation?  Did you know that insurance companies only pay for injuries and damages and not fines or Legal fee's? 

Don't worry!  You´ve come to the Right Place.  Truckers Voice in Court helps CDL Drivers with Peace Of Mind by Protecting their CDL with CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney coverage for the Unexpected things that can happen throughout the US and Canada.  Through the TVC Pro-Driver, Inc. Commercial Drivers Prepaid legal protection plan, we can empower millions of drivers with resources and assistance that was once only available to large corporations.  

Our plans save you Time, Money and Worries and help pay for CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys to fight Speeding and many other CDL Traffic Tickets (Pre-existing Tickets OK) and Serious Violations (no out of pocket)!  Other services we provide are  lockout services, flat tire repairs, and towing, depending on the plan you choose.  The Benefits include:

  • More than A Prepaid Legal Aid for Truckers.  This is the only service that Pays up to 100% for CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys to Fight Speeding Tickets and Serious Violations and other Trucker CDL Traffic Violations.
  • Access to Affordable Discounted Legal Aid Services For Your Personal or Business Matters at A Fraction Of Cost.
  • Emergency Road Services 24/7 (non-CDL spouses are covered) and many more perks and benefits.

What really makes us different from all the other Truckers Commercial Drivers Pre-Paid Legal Programs out there is that We don't just refer drivers to an attorney and give a discount.  We are the only ones that cap off your legal fees up to 100% for CDL Ticket Defense Attorneys to fight CDL Traffic Tickets.   

We even pay you to protect your license with a Cash Rewards Income Earning Program where a percentage of the company’s profit is rewarded back to drivers and a significant amount of money to safe drivers and those who refer other drivers to us.  So It Pays to Stay Protected regardless of weather or not you get any Traffic Tickets or Accidents.



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Great Income Potential With Our Cash Reward Income Program! 

As for Securing your Family's financial future, ask us how we can help you.  In 2004, our company chose a form of Cash Rewards Income Earning Program that is based upon the Growth of the Company and Referrals.  Nobody expects to get a ticket or get into an Accident and our company don’t want people getting tickets and accidents to justify the worthiness of the protection.  So the company decided to pay back drivers a percentage of its profits every month from drivers that join in after one joins the program.  In addition to this, Weekly Checks are paid out to those that share this protection with others.  

You can enroll in any of our Over-The-Road Protection plans today, work at one of our various booths located throughout the USA or work from home with our amazing New Home Based business Division.  Ask us how.

Remember, we value your business and "Protecting your CDL, family, and Income, is our #1 priority!"

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