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Let's do the Math - What can I expect to bring home as a truck owner operator for CRST Malone?
Disclaimer: All information is calculated based on typical averages for CRST Owner Operators. Your experience may vary based upon the way you choose to operate.

FACTOID: There are 14 loads of flatbed freight waiting to be hauled for every load CRST Malone owner operators haul.

In order to calculat this - First, you decide:

1. how busy do you want to be?
2. how often do you want to come home?
3. how long do you like to stay home before dispatch?
These are all your DECISIONS NOW.

Let’s say you are pounding out 3,500 miles per week hauling dry van or reefer freight and you average 6 miles per gallon:  You are burning 583.33 gallons for that week multiplied by the current price of diesel  ($3.89) which costs  $2269.16 in fuel expense for those 3500 miles…………. 

 …………..With flatbed freight, it is all about the percentage of gross revenue; the average miles for a typical flatbed fleet might only be 2,000 miles per week or less (Yes, you can run more if you want). Using the same formula as before, your fuel cost for the week is $1296.66 (vs $2269.16) for the 2,00 miles without any fuel discounts, which can average 40 cent  per gallon. This is a  Major difference in your fuel costs, wear and tear, PMs, tire replacement, maintenance, etc, etc.

Freight is averaging $1.96 per mile: You receive 75%  which would be $1.47 to you,  PLUS 100% of fuel surcharge which is 56 CPM(+) to you which totals $2.03 per mile YOUR SHARE, after the Company’s  25% share, PLUS  all tarp pay goes to your truck.  Again, in this example $2.03 to YOU plus all tarp pay on tarped loads..(NOTE:  this is a company-wide average of all trucks.  Freight is much higher in certain lanes).

As mentioned on our generic tractor trailer revenue page: "Any time you look at revenue, you need to look at costing out the complete trip circle (out and back). Simply take your total revenue dollars and divide them by all miles operated in the circle."

This of course would factor in deadhead miles. The typical CRST Malone deadhead is 8-12%, but you can chop that back if you are sharper than average.  I personally have drivers who have as little as 6% total deadhead. A lot of it depends on where you live.

$Always a Sign-on/Retention Bonus + Referral Bonuses

Freight rates for flatbed are all over the place and can run as high as $3.00+ per mile depending upon the type of load. Most CRST Malone owner operators run the standard CRST Malone bulkhead 48 X 102 flatbed trailer and gross $2.02+ cpm to their tractors weekly MINIMUM of the entire fleet.

Now, let look at your expenses.

$5,207.50 weekly gross Revenue less your expenses


Tractor Payment - This is your largest fixed cost, unless your equipment is significantly paid down or paid off. This payment is totally deductible including interest and depreciation.

A new premium tractor today without a trade or buy-down will cost about $2,000 per month ($90,000 for 5 years @ 12% interest). At 10,000 miles per month, this is $0.20 per mile.

For our estimate, we are going to use a $1000 per month tractor payment. Please adjust this number to fit your specific monthly tractor payment: ..09 cpm

$1,000.00 monthly divided by 4.33 weeks in a month is $230.946 per week deduction for our tractor payment, or $.09 cents per mile (cpm). PLEASE NOTE: This example is for Owner Operators who already own their own tractor, be continued

Updated April 29, 2013


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