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CRST Malone's Gold Pin Club for Owner Operators

Giving Back To You

CRST Malone is a fast growing, people oriented organization made up of three trucking companies that are dedicated to assuring the success of our independent contractors. CRST Van Expedited and CRST Malone are committed to excellence. In order to meet this commitment, we have created the CRST GOLD PIN CLUB.

This Malone Trucking program allows our independent contractors to take advantage of Tire, Fuel, Shop Maintenance and a multitude of other program discounts through the purchasing power of CRST International, which consists of over 4,000 Power units.

Call today for additional information on other discounts. Already in place is a cooperative effort to provide our independent contractors with the ability to realize high earnings and low deadhead.

Add to this the power of purchasing in numbers and you can see how independent contractors in the CRST International family have the clear advantage.

Save Money on Tires, Maintenance and Fuel

Tire Discounts

Did you realize that the CRST Malone family of trucking companies buys more tires in one year than the largest tire store in your town? Does it surprise you that we can buy tires cheaper than that tire store? For most independent contractors, replacing tires on a tractor is a huge expense. By taking advantage of our Tire Discount Program, you can save as much as $65.00 off the price of a steer tire and as much as $72.00 off the price of a drive tire. Savings like this can mean a larger profit for you at the end of the year.

Fuel Discounts

When the cost of fuel began to rise, CRST International took action. We were able to use our purchasing power to negotiate a fuel discount for our individual independent contractors through the Comdata Alliance Network. Contractors can receive a .02 to .03 cent per gallon discount at hundreds of network fuel stops across the country.

Shop Discounts

As a member of the GOLD PIN CLUB, you can receive shop rates comparable to those CRST International pays for our trucks. In many instances, this is as much as a $50.00 per hour discount.

Here's How It Works

As all experienced owner independent contractors know, it's often the many small items that can eventually add up to big expenses. It's for this reason that CRST has assembled this important program, designed to save you additional money and make you more profitable. The program works and is simple to use. All you have to do is call the carrier you are currently leased to at the phone number provided. A GOLD PIN CLUB representative will take care of the program you are interested in using, as well as answer any additional questions.

CRST Malone places high priority on assisting our independent contractors with these and many other money saving programs. We will constantly continue to evaluate and update our programs to assure that your needs are being met. Other programs already helping make our independent contractors more profitable include:

    * Fuel and product discounts
    * Comprehensive health insurance
    * Physical damage insurance
    * Non-trucking liability insurance
    * Pager discounts
    * Qualcomm program

Start saving more money now by calling the GOLD PIN CLUB and finding out how you can be on the road to higher profits.

Call to find out how you can join the CRST malone GOLD PIN CLUB and start saving money today.



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