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Great Revenue that you Control

Working as a Flatbed Owner Operator, you’ll receive outstanding revenue, great fuel surcharges, high-quality freight and a level of support that’s unmatched in trucking. 

Need Owner Operators to pull Flatbed and Heavy Haul.

We have deliberately kept this site simple and as “uncluttered” as possible so that you can find what you are looking for and find your way around easily.

America needs Flatbed Trucking Jobs and truck drivers

Flatbed Owner Operator Jobs Site

Finally, Here is an Overview of the Owner Operator business from a professional Owner Operator Fleet Consultant. We have posted much of his information of this site to help you plan, improve and grow your trucking business as an owner operator.

“There is more to profitability than just revenue and deductions
Profitability is affected the most by utilization (miles).
Once you have your miles up, then lowering fuel costs have the second largest impact on profits.

Then you can go through the rest of your numbers because the ‘pennies per mile’ do add up.

Remember that – FIGURES LIE AND LIARS FIGURE – when looking at other’s numbers.

The key to success is to focus on what you are good at,
then create strategic relationships with professionals for the rest.”

Many flatbed owner operators fail or fail to make money because they think like a company driver, or have an “employee mentality.”

On this Flatbed Trucking Jobs site you will find the basics to building a successful and profitable business as a single truck owner operation. We don’t attempt to show how to build a fleet or trucking company.

We also recommend a few services and products that you will find helpful as you go and grow. If you will take a serious look at the Tractor-Trailer Owner Operators Tutorial and apply the principles, you will benefit.